About Us

Who are we?

“We” is me. My name is Joel. I’ve been a precious metals broker since 2009. I have no store, no staff, no warehouses of inventory, no overhead at all (other than a small office). What I do have is a wealth of knowledge and experience to go with the dealer accounts I have with U.S. and Royal Canadian Mint Authorized Purchasers as well as the nation’s largest sellers of pre-1933 US gold, 90% silver and all of the other top bullion and numismatic products. That means I can offer you the absolute lowest prices and the most personal service in the U.S.A on the widest variety of gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

Why buy from me? Where’s the trust?

I’ve been in business for over 30 years, 26 of them working for the same company, Tower Records. A brief history of my Tower experience: I started as a clerk at Tower’s Sunset Strip store, the most famous record store in the world. During my 11 years at that location, my clients included Michael Jackson, Ringo Starr, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, John Belushi, Clive Davis, Bruce Willis… I left Tower Sunset as the General Manager, after leading the store to its all-time top grossing year and winning the first of my three Store of the Year awards.

Next stop was Woodland Hills, CA, a brand new store that served as the laboratory for Tower’s proposed state of the art computerized inventory system. The testing there proved successful, and the systems we developed at “Tower Topanga” were rolled out chain wide.

In 1993, I was given the opportunity to launch Tower Records Israel. As the founder of the chain, and Director of Middle East Operations, my employee number was 1. During my years overseas, I opened many Tower locations and even found time to host a radio show and sing on an album that earned me a gold record. While Tower ultimately suffered the fate of so many music and video chains, Tower Israel continues to operate 13 stores all around the country.

The final years of my Tower career were spent at the worldwide corporate headquarters in W. Sacramento, CA, where I served as Director of Purchasing for the chain. During my four year tenure in that role, I was responsible for the day-to-day inventory management of nearly 100 retail stores and I oversaw $1,600,000,000 (that’s 1.6 BILLION) in sales.

So? That was then. What does that have to do with precious metals?

For the past 6 years, I have worked with two of the largest privately owned coin dealers in the US. Both have physical locations, massive eBay presences and have earned tens of millions of dollars in sales across all 50 states. The combined eBay feedback for the two companies is currently over 56,000 with 100% feedback. I have been heavily involved in sales and marketing for both companies, as well as day-to-day operations of one of them, earning the title “America’s Most Trusted Precious Metals Broker”.

BSBG (bobwhite silver bobwhite gold) is my own, independent, internet marketing effort. I am happy to provide you the best in silver, gold and platinum, raw and certified, at my low, LOW prices, or steer you to my other, better known, companies at their prices.

I bring a vast amount of knowledge, experience and transparency to my operation. Heck, I’m probably the only precious metals broker in the country to give links to his competitors on his website. Why? Because knowledge is power. You’re considering sending a lot of money to a stranger. I want you, no I NEED you, to be comfortable with your transaction, so I want to help you to make the most educated decision on whom to trust your precious metals purchase with. In this business, trust is everything and I appreciate the opportunity to earn yours.

To get started, call me at 6.GOLDLIB.33 (646.535.4233) seven days a week! No ever-changing bunch of guys in cubicles, no, “please listen as our menu options have recently changed”, no “dial 9 for a company directory”, just me, Joel, aka bobwhite.